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Water therapy uses the power of water to maintain health and fitness for rehabilitation, recovery, and training. These top 4 features will help you get the best hydrotherapy pool for successful treatments and positive outcomes.

1. Water Therapy Pool Construction

Hydrotherapy pool shells are typically constructed using one of three methods: fiberglass, metal with a vinyl liner, or acrylic. Each of these fabrication techniques have their merits, but to get the most bang for your buck, fiberglass is the way to go. Here are five reasons why fiberglass is a great investment:

1. Fiberglass pools never require a replacement liner.

Liners are expensive and need replacing after 7-10 years.  Over the life of the pool, this can add significant and unexpected costs. Fiberglass pools don’t use a liner. Their smooth, durable surface lasts for life of the pool to stand the test of time.

2. Fiberglass pools can be customized to meet specific treatment objectives.

Customize a fiberglass pool interior for your specific treatment needs. Configure the stairs, benches, add variable depths, length, treadmills, and workstations. Get an extremely versatile pool to achieve positive outcomes and increase your ROI. See below for the different interior option available in fiberglass.

 3. Fiberglass hydrotherapy pools offer installation flexibility.

Choose a company that manufactures pools that are self-supporting. Doing so, allows you the flexibility to install then in-ground, above ground, or partially above ground. Fiberglass pools can also be delivered in sections and constructed on-site. This makes them ideal for both new construction and existing facilities with tight access. Another bonus: fiberglass is UV resistance. They won’t face in the sun. Install them inside or outside.

4. Fiberglass pools are insulated.

SwimEx fiberglass pools have a solid wood core sandwiched between the fiberglass. This provides maximum insulation to maintain temperatures. This feature will save on heating and cooling costs.

5. Fiberglass are easy to maintain, particularly if the pool has a Gelcoat surface.

Gelcoat creates a smooth hard surface on the pool’s interior. It’s easy to clean and discourages algae growth. Clean it less often to save time and money.

2. Water Current Systems


The paddlewheel water current is the most advanced water system on the market. Only available in SwimEx pools, it is a 99-speed programmable current strong enough to challenge an elite athlete or gentle enough for early rehab treatments. Successfully workout, exercise and swim against the current in any area of the pool.  In addition, the water current’s width and consistency makes allows for accurately measuring  performance and outcomes from one session to the next.

Key Advantages:

  • Circulates 25,000 gallons of water per minute (no other resistance pool comes close to this performance)
  • Water current is deep, smooth, even, and powerful
  • Current spans the entire pool width (unlike directional jets that push out a centralized, turbulent stream)
  • Achieve full body exercises, run at top speeds, and competitively swim against the paddlewheel current
  • 99 programmable speeds challenge the most competitive athlete or will treat a frail patient in acute recovery
  • Access the current in all areas of the pool
  • Accurately monitor and measure progress from one pool session to the next with the current’s consistency and programmable water flow
  • Safely target muscles and joints without jarring or turbulence typically found in a jet system
  • Water current’s strength and width acts as a “second pair of hands” to support patients during therapy
  • Dependable current makes it easy to realize the benefits of working out in water
  • Minimal yearly maintenance keeps it running at peak performance levels for years


  • Can be more expensive than other systems


Key Advantages:

  • Ideal for individuals looking for an effective water current pool at an entry-level price
  • Ability to achieve hydrotherapy exercises, run, and swim.  Look for a strong propeller system capable of circulating 5,000 gallons of water per minute.
  • Some systems offer adjustable water current speeds for frail patient protocols or to achieve fitness exercises and swimming
  • Depending upon the propeller system, you may be able to program the current to monitor and measure progress from one pool session to the next
  • Smoother than jets, this system is able to target muscles and joints with limited jarring or excessive water turbulence
  • For some propeller models, minimal yearly maintenance keeps it running at peak performance levels. (it’s important to do your homework and choose the most effective propeller pool)


  • Centralized water flow
  • Less smooth current compared to the paddlewheel flow
  • Most often comes pre-installed with an existing swim spa
  • Not as strong, wide or even as the paddlewheel current


This is a pump driven system that creates a water flow by pushing water through nozzles at the front of the pool.

Key Advantages:

  • Most inexpensive of the three options
  • Can provide enough current for leisure swimming depending upon the number of jets
  • Creates a “white water” effect for fun activities
  • Can be installed in new and existing pools


  • Most turbulent flow of the three water flow options
  • Will only support a leisure swim experience (Will not support a serious swimmer or competitive athlete)
  • Cannot challenge a competitive athlete looking exercise against the current
  • Turbulent “white water” flow makes it hard to see and breath while swimming
  • Narrow flow prohibits full body workouts
  • Swimming can only be achieved by remaining directly in front of the jets
  • Usually not adjustable

3. Ease of Maintenance

When you get your water therapy pool, the last thing you should do is spend excess time and money on maintenance and upkeep.  It’s better for your bottom line to spend time in the pool for therapy and fitness.  SwimEx pools are easy to maintain. Depending on the amount of use, the hydrotherapy pools requires draining only once or twice a year to clean interior walls.  The paddlewheel system needs once-a-year tune-up. All SwimEx plunge pools have bottom drains. Plus, if fiberglass is scratched or damaged, it can be resurfaced to look as good as new.

4. Water Therapy Pool Interior Layout

The inside of a hydrotherapy pool is important. In order to achieve expected outcomes, the pool should be built to satisfy your specific treatment objectives.

One of the most powerful water therapy pools on the market is the SwimEx 600 T.  Popular with collegiate and professional sports teams, this pool offers extreme functionality within a compact aquatic machine. It has adjustable depths of 48” and 60” (122cm and 152cm) and features eight colored performance zones. There is a 99-speed water current, angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches, floor inserts and an angled platform for aquatic running. Gradually increase weight-bearing activities with the adjustable floor option. It is an ideal pool for progressive strength training and rehabilitation programs. For even more versatility, add an integrated underwater treadmill.

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If you’re looking for a larger pool, the best option is the SwimEx 1000 T aquatic therapy pool. This state-of-the-art pool features a 99-speed water current on one side wide enough for side-by-side swimming, a still water area, deep wells, and stairs. Treat multiple people independently in the same session.  Customize bench and stair configurations. Add length and depth.

This pool also comes with a zero-entry lift that doubles as a work station. It’s a 5’x5′ aquatic zone capable of stopping at any pool depth for exercises and treatment protocols.

Start planning your ideal hydrotherapy room today. Download this free guide with tips and installation advice.

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