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Wolverhampton Wanderers use use hydrotherapy for rehabilitation, recovery, training and conditioning.

They have a SwimEx 600T series pool, the most powerful aquatic therapy machine in the SwimEx line-up. Popular with elite sports teams, this versatile pool has adjustable depths of 48” and 60” (122cm and 152cm). It features eight distinct workstations, including angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches, and an angled platform for aquatic running. Six tethering ports lock in for non-weight-bearing protocols. Athletic trainers use it to gradually increase weight-bearing activities for progressive strength training and rehabilitation programs.wolverhampton-wanderers-uk

The Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club is an English professional football club that represents the city of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands region. The club was founded in 1877 and since 1889 has played at Molineux. They compete in the Football League Championship, the second highest tier of English football, having been promoted from League One in 2014 after a solitary season at that level. The team uses their pool for injury recovery and for injury prevention, and peak performance training

One of the injuries many athletic trainers worry about are sprained ankles. Hydrotherapy is an effective tool to rehabilitate players with this injury. This free guide contains sample progressions and hydrotherapy exercises for ankle sprain rehab.

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