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Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field is arguably one of the most distinguished stadiums in the country. Their facility features a state-of-the-art athletic training room with hydrotherapy pools.

The football facilities and Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Instructional Center (CRIC) are located underneath the Oneida Nation Gate. There is a 35-yard indoor field, weight room, team dining area, player resource development area and lounge. The athletic training room has an expanded treatment space featuring SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and custom plunge pools.

plunge pools

“SwimEx sets the standard in aquatic treatment and rehabilitation, which is why they are the only choice for us,” says Pepper Burruss, the team’s director of sports medicine administration. “Their attention to detail extends from state building codes to ‘brick & mortar’ and that has always impressed me.”


“Hydrotherapy was a priority for Green Bay,” says SwimEx product engineer Mark Fyrer, who worked closely with  Burruss to design the hydrotherapy space. “The Packers have used SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and custom plunge pools for years. As soon as Green Bay began planning, Pepper knew he wanted SwimEx. It was a privilege working with him again.”

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Burruss is in his 25th season with the Packers and his 41st in the NFL overall.  He is a certified athletic trainer and physical therapist. This year marks his third season as director of sports medicine administration following 22 years as the team’s head athletic trainer. Prior to joining Green Bay, he spent 16 seasons with the New York Jets as an assistant athletic trainer.

“SwimEx earned our business in 1998,” says Burruss, whose knowledge of the industry and aquatic therapy is extensive.  “Now, five major renovations later, they have never once disappointed us.”

Athletic Training Room IN PROGRESS

Throughout the planning process, SwimEx worked closely with Burruss to help him find hydrotherapy products that perfectly suited the team’s therapy needs. With their extensive knowledge of hydrotherapy installations, the SwimEx team helped ensure that the final room design was completely compliant with Wisconsin State Health codes.

“Pepper loves that he can work with us to customize interior layouts, depths, and sizes that perfectly suit his training and recovery protocols,” says Fyrer.

athletic training room

The new athletic training room includes 2 custom hot plunge tanks (12’ and 18’) and a 24’ 6” custom cold plunge tank. These shots are of the plunge pools being installed.  Notice the custom steps and lengths that provide easy in-and-out access for the players.

For the pool, Burruss chose to use his current SwimEx that he custom designed 15 years ago and still loves. It is a SwimEx 600 T with a 24” deep well. It took two SwimEx technicians 10 days on-site to refurbish the pool. They refinished the colored workstations and reapplied the Gelcoat finish. “Once done, it was as good as new,” says Fyrer.

athletic training room


The Packers’ new athletic training facility is an effective space where the athletes achieve successful hydrotherapy outcomes.

“SwimEx has stood by us well after each project was completed. That is ‘proof in the pudding’ and speaks to why we have their hydrotherapy pool and plunge pools in our facility right now,” says Burruss.

athletic training room

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