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Did you know that current generated pools are not only a great investment, they are one of the best ways to rehabilitate and exercise?  Here’s why:

1. Current Pools Improve/Build Balance

Current pools provide a constant test for balance. The water flow acts as a changing variable, forcing you to adjust to unpredictable circumstances. A continuous current forces the spine to maintain posture and constantly re-adjust against the flow.  It allows for controlled movement that increases strength and helps prevent future injury by eliminating the chance of falling.

Exercise tip: Are you having trouble with balance? Jump against the current. Mastering this in the water helps your body learn the right mechanics to regain balance on land.

current pools

2. Develop Proper Gait, Posture, and Body Alignment

Current pools provide varied resistance.  The turns, rises, and shifts you perform with each exercise requires constant adjustments in the brain, forcing it to be flexible with positioning in order to master total control of your movement.  The ever-changing current in a swim spa is very similar to everyday movement patterns like walking and running outside.  Once you’ve perfected your stride in water, you will be more confident on land.

A swim spa with an adjustable current can challenge you beyond your comfort levels of exercise, all without risking injury. Water’s safe environment eliminates the possibility of falling as it provides support.

Exercise tip: Start the current at a low-speed and increase it from one session to the next to progressively get stronger.

3. Exercise More Effectively

    • A current can assist movement and functional tasks that help build confidence.  In turn, increased confidence means it’s more likely you will continue exercising.
    • Working out against the current builds core strength.
    • If the current spans the entire width of the pool, you can successfully achieve any workout routine, including upper and lower body exercises, cardio workouts, and stretching.

Exercise Tip: Try using the current with your eyes closed.  This forces the brain to “sense the force” of the water and learn how to respond without visual cues. This is extremely helpful to learn how to rely more on vestibular and sensory systems for balance.

aquatic exercises

 4. Measure Progress

Look for swim spas that come with a variable speed current. This allows you to gradually increase the water’s resistance so you can systematically progress from one session to the next.

5. Create the Ultimate Swim Experience

There are basically three different water current systems – jets, propellers, and paddlewheels.  Each of these systems produce different swimming experiences. The current’s strength and width with determine how effectively you will be able to swim in the pool.  Make sure your ability level matches the current you choose.  Once you determine the right current for your needs, here the benefits of swimming in a current pool:

  • Current pools that provide a consistent flow allows for stroke analysis to improve your form.
  • There no need for flip turns. Simply keep on swimming.
  • Current pools with an adjustable water flows allow you to achieve interval and endurance workouts.
  • Program a swim training session that includes a warm-up, swim, and cool down.

current pools6. Moving water is fun

Current pools combine the functionality of a full-sized pool in a small efficient package. Plus, moving water is fun!

It’s hard to compare a still water pool and a current pool.  They both hold water, but that’s where the similarity ends. What makes a swim spa unique is the water current.  It’s the ideal way to stay in shape, swim, and condition in a pool that takes up very little space but packs a big punch. Plus you can install one at home and never have to leave your house again to trek to the gym.

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