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There are endless options for adding accessories and additions to make your house a home that perfectly complements your lifestyle. One major improvement that homeowners opt for is a home pool. The biggest question to ask when buying a swim spa or home pool is what material is best. Fiberglass pools are a popular choice, and we’re going to explore the various pros and cons of installing this type of pool.

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One of the great things about fiberglass pools is the gel coat finish, a smooth and shiny surface that makes for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Algae, a menace in pools, can produce horrid green water if not treated regularly with chemicals. It’s hard for algae to adhere to the smooth gel coat surface which diminishes nasty algae blooms and makes it easier to control this perennial nuisance. There are also no minerals in fiberglass like there are in gunite or cement and nothing that will interact with and affect the water. This means that balancing the water is much easier.

In addition, gel coat is skin-friendly. If you rub against it while you’re swimming or exercising, you will glide smoothly over this velvety surface. And for the places where you need to grip, like stairs and walkways, a non-skid application is applied to those surfaces.

Gel coat is also impervious to harsh weather conditions and the sun. Like the hull of a boat, it will stand the test of time and Mother Nature.


Whether you’re starting new construction or want to fit a pool into an existing space, fiberglass pools can be built to meet your needs. You can order them as small as 8′ x 20′ and go up in size from there. When you consider how functionally minimal this is, imagine putting a pool almost anywhere. It’s also easier to install a fiberglass pool in an existing room. And even better, if you choose to buy a swim spa you can still enjoy all the benefits of a full sized pool.
fiberglass poolsWhat if you want something larger but don’t have the access to get the pool into the space? Pools made out of fiberglass can be delivered in sections and built on-site. Plus, some fiberglass pools are self-supporting. This means you have the option to install them above ground, below ground or even partially above ground. Think of adding one to a deck, in the backyard, on a patio, in the basement, or anywhere else you dream up. And, because the vessel weight of fiberglass is less than that of a gunite or cement pool, you can even install them on upper floors or balconies.

Once the room is prepared, a fiberglass pool is a quick install. You’ll be swimming, exercising, and relaxing in your own home within days.


Pools made from fiberglass are highly customizable, so you aren’t tied to pre-existing interior layouts, colors or pool tile combinations. Match your pool’s interior walls and coping to your home decor. Then pick out coordinating tiles, and you end up with an oasis which perfectly suits your design aesthetic.

When it comes to fiberglass, the ability to customize and freedom to choose your own design can’t be beat.


fibgerglass poolsFiberglass lasts. This is a fact that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unlike gunite and cement pools that need re-plastering from time to time, this isn’t necessary with fiberglass pools. In fact, they last so long, people sometimes take them when/if they move. There are even cases where people have gifted their pool to have it installed somewhere else.


Once you’ve installed your fiberglass pool, you’ll see that you buy fewer chemicals and it costs less to heat than a traditional gunite pool. Most fiberglass is insulated. Sometime it is constructed with a solid wood core. This makes for superior temperature retention. In addition, the gel coat acts as a barrier against moisture absorption so you’ll fill your pool less often. All this adds up to a pool that’s better for the environment and you’re wallet.


Pools constructed with fiberglass can sometimes be limited when it comes to shape and size. They are typically made with molds. The molds determine how big the pool can get as well as its shape. You’ll have to choose from the choices offered by the manufacturer as there are only so many variations they can make from each mold. While this can be restrictive when it comes to the pool’s shape and size, the advantage is that the interior of the pool can be custom built with steps, deep wells, platforms, colors, and more. When you compare all the other benefits of fiberglass against gunite or cement, the choice should be perfectly clear.


Installers who are familiar with gunite and cement pools are much more prevalent in the pool installation market. And, sometimes the process needed to install fiberglass can vary from dealer to dealer. If you choose a fiberglass pool, make sure the company that makes the pool has and experienced installer who knows what’s needed to make it operational. As long as you have that, there’s nothing better than to watch how easy it is to get it up and running.

Whichever direction you take, at the end of the day there are many factors that go into buying a pool.  If you focus on finding just the right model to fit your lifestyle and home, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits of owning your own a slice of heaven.

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