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Do you dream about having an indoor pool installed in your own home? Have those dreams included a high-tech, gorgeous home swim spa for rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation, and fun with family and friends? Well, start dreaming.

The ultimate luxury home swim spa of your dreams is the SwimEx 1000S. The largest model SwimEx on the market, this warm water current pool has a 10’x14′ (or larger with extensions) water surface, distinct areas for exercise, swimming, and relaxation, and is available in different colors, interior layouts, or with an integrated underwater treadmill. Consequently, the 1000S is one of the most versatile swim spas out there.

Let’s deeper dive into the beauty and functionality of this sleek pool.

swimex 1000S swim spa


You might think that owning a swim spa of this size is all for show, but this is not the case. This pool has enough space for multiple people to swim, work out, and relax in the pool simultaneously. Having the grand kids over? Perfect, there is a ton of room to splash around.

On one side of this state-of-the-art pool, an adjustable water current with 99 speeds allows users to swim side-be-side. The opposite end of the pool remains still so that others can lounge, play, work out, or complete therapy exercises.

home swim spa

There’s even the option to add an integrated treadmill for a comprehensive work out that minimizes any stress on your joints and muscles. If running underwater isn’t your thing, you could add in an aqua bike for aerobic and muscle conditioning. The ways you can work out and train in the pool are endless – you will never get bored, and you certainly won’t miss going to the gym.


A sleek, modern swim spa is sure to be the focus of your home when you’re entertaining. The 1000S creates a beautiful oasis where friends and family can play and relax together.

Of course you will want to match the different pool elements to the room or outdoor area where it will be installed. Everything about the home swim spa is customizable. This includes the color of the fiberglass body, waterline tiles, underwater lights, and pool cover.

home swim spa


Picture coming home from a stressful day at work. Instead of mustering up the motivation to change into gym clothes and drive over to the gym to work out at the busiest hour, you kick off your shoes, change into your bathing suit, walk into your stunning pool room and are calmed by the soothing water current. How’s that for a great way to warm up for your workout?

A home swim spa will improve your home’s appeal and also your lifelong health and well being.

You don’t necessarily need a swim spa the size of the 1000S, but any swim spa model can boost your exercise, relaxation, and rehabilitation routines. A home swim spa is a great choice for homeowners who want all the benefits of a full-sized swimming pool without the maintenance, upkeep and heating costs.

home swim spa


Here are some fun facts about the largest SwimEx swim spa model:

  • Standing the test of time – SwimEx pools have been built to last since 1986
  • SwimEx swim spas are fiberglass pools – easy to clean with superior insulation
  • The 1000S can be extended to 16’ or 18’ in length
  • 1000S has 0-99 speeds – gentle enough for the most novice user, but powerful enough to challenge the strongest competitor
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere – outside, inside, above ground, below ground, partially above ground

I hope you had fun learning about the 1000S model and have learned more about how a home swim spa can enhance your lifestyle, health, and home! Are you still not sure if you want a swim spa as large as the 1000S? Take our Pool Selector quiz and discover other options for your home and preferences.


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