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Fitness enthusiasts are constantly seeking new ways to challenge themselves with their workouts. The SwimEx water current has 99 speed, to match any level of ability. When you add exercise equipment like underwater treadmills or pool bike, you get the most from your aquatic exercise session. But many swim spa owners are making their pools even more versatile by adding a pool bike or underwater treadmill.


A pool bike can be seamlessly added to most any pool for an ultimate aerobic and fitness experience. Are you training for a triathlon? Swim and run against the current, then drop in the bike and train for that leg of the race – all in the comfort of your own home. And, the best part is that training on a pool bike puts less stress and pressure on your joints. Water’s weightlessness allows you to work out as hard as you’d like while minimizing the soreness you might normally feel after biking on land.

Biking in the water is an effective way to cross train. In fact, many former runners who have experienced injury have turned to biking as an alternative form of exercise. One of the great advatages of biking is that it works the quadricep muscle group more effectively than running.

While an aqua bike work out is challenging for users of all levels, it can also be incredibly fun! Homeowners who have their own pool can add a bike for an exciting, stress-free workout.

For example, take a peek at comedian and television host Steve Harvey working out using the Aqua Bike on his show:

The Aqua Bike has five levels of resistance, five adjustable positions, and is crafted from lightweight stainless steel as a fun, sleek addition to your pool and cross training routine.


underwater treadmill

Not into biking? An underwater treadmill can propel your pool work out to new heights as well.

Underwater treadmills mimic the motion of running on land, but the water provides an added resistance with less stress on the joints. Athletes can use an underwater treadmill to build muscle and cardio fitness when recovering from an injury. It’s also a great tool for cross training, which can diminish possible injury.

A treadmill is a great alternative to a flotation belt used when jogging in the deep end. There are a variety of ways you can add a treadmill feature to your home swim spa. If you’re looking for an easy, quality way to add a treadmill to your pool, check out the Aquatic Drop-In Treadmill.

Whether you are a fitness buff or looking for a low impact work out, hopefully you’ve discovered a couple new ways to use a pool for cross training and resistance training. Best of luck with your next work out!


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