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If you’re looking at a small pool installation, look no further than a swim spa. While full-sized swimming pools have their purpose – think Olympics, swimming competitions, and water theme parks – there are so many more benefits to going small.  Here’s why:

Small Pool Installation Benefits

A small pool or swim spa is uses fewer resources, takes up less space, has is less costly than a larger pool. If you’re mindful of the environment, are concerned about space or don’t want the costs associated with a bigger pool, choose a swim spa. Now, let’s dive in further.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Small pools and swim spas generate a smaller carbon footprint. They require less water, fewer chemicals, and less electricity. You can easily heat a small pool with solar panels, eliminating other heat sources all together.  A win-win for the environment and your wallet.  From the initial fill to topping off your pool to draining it for cleaning, you’ll use significantly less water. This is also a major environmental benefit.

small pool installation

2. Easier to Maintain

It’s much easier to drain a small pool for cleaning.  Once drained, it’s also easier to clean.  Have you considered a small fiberglass pool? The smooth Gelcoat finish makes it hard for algae to adhere to the surface and wiping down the tile line and pool walls is a snap.

small pool installation

3. Less Expensive to Run

Smaller pool use less water which equals fewer chemicals. This is makes it easier to maintain the water quality. Also, fewer chemicals means less out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, it costs less money to heat a small pool, especially if you keep it covered when not in use. Some small pools are extremely well insulated. Fiberglass swim spas for instance have a solid wood core for extra strength and insulation. The more well insulated they are, the better they maintain heat.

small pool installation

Are you thinking of an in-home installation but afraid of humidity? Due to their small size, there’s no need for costly dehumidification systems.  A smaller pool footprint equals less construction for a more budget friendly installation.  This is especially important if you want your pool inside. Many swim spas can fit in spaces as small as 12’ x 20’.  You can even find some pools that arrive in sections for tight access. Plus, once the space is ready, most swim spas can be installed in as little as 2-3 days.

Bottom line – Small pools are more efficient and less costly to run. And the best part –  swim spas offer more function in a smaller footprint.  So go small. The environment, your wallet, your home, and your health will be glad you did.