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You’ve decided you want a swim spa, but how do you decide what swim spa is right for you? If you’re going to invest in a home swim spa or fitness pool, make sure you are getting the most value for your money – now and in years to come. There are a few top pool brands most consumers compare, including SwimEx v Endless Pools. Let’s dive in and compare.

The best place to start is deciding what you want to achieve.  Are you looking to exercise, rehabilitate, entertain, or relax? Some pools are better than others for getting your desired outcome. Three important factors include water current technology, pool construction, and installation options. Here’s a look at each.

 1. Water Flow: SwimEx v Endless Pools

Your swim spa or fitness pool water current system will determine what exercises you can achieve and what kind of swimming experience you’ll have. Both SwimEx and Endless Pools offer a better flow than standard jetted swim spas. But there are differences.

Endless Pools and the SwimEx Triton pool use a propeller to generate the water flow. The propeller is located at the front and center of the pool.  The SwimEx propeller generates a current that is approximately 21″ wide and 18″ deep.  It is a powerful current, but in some instances may not be strong enough for a competitive athlete or strong swimmer. In addition the width of the current can limit the type of achievable exercises. It may not be wide enough for upper body workouts.

The SwimEx paddlewheel, available only in SwimEx pools, is the most advanced water current on the market. The paddlewheel current moves up to 25,000 gallons per minute in a smooth river-like flow.  Endless Pools move up to 5,000 gallons per minute.  The SwimEx paddlewheel has 99 adjustable water speeds. At top speeds, the SwimEx current is powerful enough for the strongest athlete and most competitive swimmer. At lower speeds, it’s gentle enough for recovery and rehabilitation.  The SwimEx paddlewheel current spans the entire width of the pool and runs up to 30″ deep. Users can be anywhere in the pool and still access the water flow. This means you can achieve a full body aquatic workout or swim without being in the center of the pool.

SwimEx v endless pools

2. Installation Options

Before you buy a pool, make sure you know where you want to install it.  Here are a few questions to consider:

  • How much space do I have?
  • Do I want it in-ground, above ground, or semi-inground?
  • If the pool is going inside, what am I looking at for ceiling height (this is especially critical if it’s above ground).
  • Is the installation new construction or existing. If it’s existing space, what kind of access is there?

These questions and others will determine which pool you should choose. SwimEx pools are free-standing structures that don’t need additional support. You can install them above ground, in-ground, or semi-inground.

swimex v. endless pools


SwimEx pools are made in the United States.  Constructed with durable fiberglass (similar to the hull of a high performance yacht) they hold up in any weather, are UV resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. The fiberglass is insulated with a balsa wood core for superior temperature retention. The SwimEx water current drive system is mounted below the decking at the rear of the pool keeping noise levels are at a minimum for both swimmers and those sharing the space. Because SwimEx pools are sold factory direct, the pools can be customized. Vary the length, interior layout, pool color and tiles.

Endless swimming pools are a galvanized steel shell with a vinyl liner. Over time, the liner must be replaced.  The hydraulic motor that drives Endless pools is located at the front end of the pool. This can make the surrounding area loud.

Buying a swim spa is a big decision but making the right choice will reward you with years of enjoyment. Once you find the right pool, make sure the company has superior customer service – from your first inquiry through choosing your pool options. They should be there to help you throughout the buying process as well as after your pool is installed. SwimEx has a team of in-house design engineers who can guide you and your contractors through the process and help with space layouts, technical information and code adherence.

This simple comparison chart SwimEx vs. Endless Pools will help or download this FREE guide with loads of tips and advice on what to look for to find the best swim spa.

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