How to Swim Without Getting Your Hair Wet

If you dread the thought of having to restyle your hair after a swim, SwimEx customer Gale has the perfect solution. As an avid swimmer, she has perfected a quick exercise routine – all without getting her hair wet.

Watch the video to see what tricks Gale uses to keep her hair dry and her hairstyle intact, while getting the most out of her SwimEx 400 OS pool:

Here are Gale’s 5 tips on how to swim without getting your hair wet:

  1. Tie up your hair. Pull your hair back and secure your hair with a hair clip. Secure any loose strands.
  2. Wear a snorkel and mask. Gale opts to wear a snorkel and mask rather than a swimming cap.
  3. Hop in the pool and turn on the current. Swimming against the paddlewheel current means not having a break at the end of the pool. There is no need to slow down and turn around.
  4. Swim the breaststroke. Gale swims the breaststroke on days when she wants to swim without getting her hair wet. She easily adjusts the current speed up or down to vary her workout.
  5. Add some exercises. When Gale wants to take a break from swimming, she’ll do pull-ups, leg lifts, and flutter kicks.

When Gale finishes her workout, her hair is completely dry!

Learn more about how Gale and her family are enjoying their pool.

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