Best Small Home Current Pools

Looking at small home current pools? It’s the ideal solution if you’re dreaming of a pool for exercising, swimming, and entertaining, but don’t have the space or time to maintain a full-sized pool. Their versatility means they can be a cocktail pool and a water therapy machine all in one!

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The benefits of swimming in a CURRENT pool

  • A current pool that provides a consistent flow allows for stroke analysis to improve your form.
  • There is no need for flip turns in a moving water pool. Simply keep on swimming.
  • A current pool with an adjustable water flow allows you to achieve interval and endurance workouts.
  • Program a swim training session that includes a warm-up, swim, and cool down.
  • If you want to teach your children to swim, you can do so in your own home.
  • If you choose a SwimEx fiberglass swim spa, you will be able to customize the interior layout. Build in benches, stairs, aquatic treadmills, and different depths to create your perfect pool.

Once you know your end goal, find a resistance pool that meets your needs. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a perfect small home pool.

A current pool will save you money and provide all of the fun, function, and home improvement you desire.

Here’s why:

Most current pools take up less space than traditional inground pools. They can be tucked in the corner of a room, put in a garage, or even in sunroom solarium oasis. Their footprint size can be flexible to accommodate from one or two people up to models that can fit 8-10 comfortably. A smaller footprint can also mean less construction. Whether you’re building a new room or looking to fit your pool into an existing space, less construction means less expense. Once the room is ready, installation can take only a few days. SwimEx current pools are free-standing fiberglass structures that don’t need additional support. And you can install our resistance swim spas indoors or outdoors, and above ground, inground, or semi inground.
Don’t let the small size of a swim spa fool you into thinking you can’t achieve the same outcomes as a large pool. SwimEx swim spas offer more versatility than a large pool. This is mainly due to our adjustable paddlewheel-driven water current feature. You can swim, exercise, rehabilitate, and relax. Set the water temperature to a level you prefer. Keep the water moving at a low speed for an easy workout or crank it up for full intensity.

Many swim spas can be ordered to match your home décor. Choose just the right pool tiles to match your floors, walls, or the entire room. SwimEx allows you to pick the color of the pool itself. It only takes your imagination to create the ultimate swim spa for your oasis.

Get inspired with swim spa designs for your home.

Small pools and swim spas generate a smaller carbon footprint. They require less water, fewer chemicals, and less electricity than most inground pools. You can easily heat a small pool with solar panels, eliminating other heat sources all together. From the initial fill to topping off your pool to draining it for cleaning, you’ll use significantly less water. Good for the environment and your wallet!

If you choose a SwimEx unit constructed with a balsa wood core, you’ll get more temperature retention and spend even less. In addition, the gel coat on fiberglass pools acts as a barrier against moisture absorption so you’ll fill it less often. All this adds up to a pool that’s better for the environment and easier on your wallet. Plus, if you keep the pool covered with a thermal blanket or hard top cover, there is minimal humidity and evaporation and more heat retention. A win-win all around!

The best part is that you have endless options and no matter where you live, you can use it all year long. If you choose an outside installation, you only need to cover it for use throughout the year. Just imagine enjoying your swim spa on a snowy day.

Start planning now for a swim spa pool that has tremendous versatility, but comes with less hassle and less cost than other types of inground pool.

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The zen of current pools

Do you live in Arizona, New York or Wisconsin? No matter where in the country you live, a current pool can make a great lifestyle into a perfect one. Imagine it’s Saturday morning and you want to go to the gym. But, you dread fighting the crowds. You’d love to swim laps, but you don’t like the idea of sharing the pool with strangers. And you want to run on the treadmill or lift weights, but you don’t want to wait in line. A home current pool lets you do all of the above and you never have to leave the house. It gives you the privacy you need for an inclusive workout, day or night. It will help you improve your physical and mental health.

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Who says you have to head to your local Buddhist shrine or meditation room to relax, breathe deeply and give yourself a place to enjoy the moment? With the water current in a resistance pool to support you, combined with the warm water, you will feel relaxed and calm.

Swimming laps or a water workout is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Accomplish both of these in your own current pool. Studies show you feel happier when you’re healthy. Currents have been used in health programs for centuries. In fact, back in the 1900s, water currents were used to help men and women overcome depression, anxiety and mood disorder. As studies were conducted, scientists discovered that a simple current in water could take someone from mad to glad in a short period of time. In addition, done consistently, it can allow you a tool to help cope with stress and anxiety before it becomes too overwhelming to handle.

A pool current can help you to loosen and repair your body with less pain. You can even rehabilitate and manage muscle soreness following sports workouts or injury. Here are three benefits of swim spas with current:

Current pools improve/build balance

Current pools provide a constant test for balance. It allows for controlled movement that increases strength and helps prevent future injury by eliminating the chance of falling.

Exercise tip: Are you having trouble with balance? Walk or jump against the current. Mastering this in the water helps your body learn the right mechanics to regain balance on land.

Develop proper gait, posture, and body alignment

Current pools provide varied resistance. A swim spa with an adjustable current can challenge you beyond your comfort levels of exercise, all without risking injury.

Exercise tip: Start the current at a low-speed and increase it from one session to the next to progressively get stronger.

Exercise more effectively

A current can assist movement and help build confidence. Increased confidence means it’s more likely you will continue exercising. Working out against the current builds core strength. If the current spans the entire width of the pool, you can successfully achieve any workout routine.

Exercise tip: Try using the current with your eyes closed. This is extremely helpful to learn how to rely more on vestibular and sensory systems for balance.

Find out more about why our pools are superior for aquatic fitness and rehab.

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