How Plunge Pools Work

Champions are made on and off the field. Success can be directly related to how fast athletes rehabilitate from injury or recover after practice. Plunge pools are often used by athletes for rehab and recovery. They are a beneficial way to get back in the game faster.

The cold plunge pool helps to control joint inflammation and enhance muscle recovery. When used post-exercise, athletes gain the beneficial effects of working out with less pain and muscle soreness.

The hot plunge pool increases blood flow, flexibility, and helps muscles relax. Increased flexibility leads to less muscle strain and more productive exercise sessions or rehabilitation.

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Efficient and effective, professionals choose SwimEx hot and cold plunge pools for superior performance, water temperature retention, ease of maintenance, and extreme versatility. They create the ultimate conditioning, recovery and rehabilitation environment.

Homeowners choose SwimEx plunge pools as the ultimate home water feature for relaxing, exercising and entertaining indoors or outdoors. They find these pools easy to look after, need less space, and cost less than full-sized pools.

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4 key factors for plunge pool success

While all plunge pools hold water, they are not all built the same. In fact there are major differences. These differences impact their operation, how they function, the time spent to keep them running properly, and most importantly, successful outcomes.

For professionals, choosing the right plunge pools can mean the difference between winning and losing. The four factors below are a key to successful outcomes, and apply to residential plunge pools as well.

Plunges should have highly dependable heating or cooling systems that consistently maintain optimum water temperatures. Cold plunge pool water temperature is typically a therapeutic 50°F (10°C). Hot plunges should maintain water temperatures up to 104°F (40°C).

SwimEx plunge pools come equipped with heating and cooling options. They are built with a fiberglass composite construction with a balsa wood core for superior temperature retention and wall strength.

There’s nothing worse than hard-to-clean plunge pools that don’t drain completely or require on-going maintenance.

Bottom drains are standard on all SwimEx plunge pools. Depending on the amount of use, they typically require draining once a year to clean the interior walls. SwimEx fiberglass plunge pools have a gelcoat interior finish. It easily wipes clean and the smooth surface makes it harder for algae to adhere to pool walls. Plus, if the pool is scratched or damaged, it can be repaired and look as good as new.

Plunge pools come in all shapes and sizes. For successful outcomes, choose the right sized pool with a specific interior configuration to meet your treatment needs. Also, be sure the pool you order will meet code requirements and fit into the allotted space.

SwimEx plunge pools come in four standard sizes to accommodate different team and facility sizes: small (4-6 users), medium (6-8 users), large (8-10 users), or XL (10-12 users). They offer design flexibility and are ideal for locker rooms, athletic training centers, and fitness facilities. Install them above ground, in-ground or partially above ground.

Do you have a pre-existing facility with tight installation access? SwimEx pools can be built in sections and assembled on-site. In addition, they can be designed to meet varying health department codes throughout the country. Modifications to stairs, handrails, water depths, recirculation rates and drain configurations can be adjusted in order to meet particular codes. Find out more about designing a hydrotherapy room.

No two teams have the same recovery and rehabilitation goals. A plunge pool should satisfy your exact treatment requirements. SwimEx plunge pools can be customized. Vary the depth, length, interior layout, bench, and stair configuration. Order one as long as 45’ or as deep as 6’.

  • Green Bay Packers, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Troy University have extra-long SwimEx plunge pools (up to 40’ long), allowing for quicker treatment times.
  • New England Patriots created custom SwimEx plunge pools with specific bench configurations.
  • New York Knicks have extra-deep SwimEx plunge pools to accommodate taller athletes.
  • Denver Broncos have longer plunge pools with a custom stair configuration.
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