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Satisfied clients are our best advocates here at SwimEx. Sports Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Hooper shares how aquatic therapy is a wonderful adjunct to the chiropractic care he gives his patients.

We purchased our 50″ Swim-Ex pool in December of 1992 for the rehab portion of our Chiropractic Sports Injury office in small town Meaford, Ontario, Canada.  What a tremendous asset it has been to our office and our patients over these last 28 years!  We have used it for athletes and non-athletes of all ages as well as teaching our two kids how to swim in this pool when they were young.

We initiated our pool with a competitive figure skater who had broken her ankle.  After getting her cast off, pool rehab began to get her ready for an upcoming championship event.  With the rounded edges on the side, we even practiced spinning jumps into the current to strengthen her ankle with rotational forces.  She competed and did well.

Since then it has been used for injuries ranging from sprains and strains of ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders.  We have done post-surgical rehab for knee and hip replacements, disc injuries and shoulder tears.  I personally have used it extensively for my post-knee meniscus surgery rehab as a runner.  Perfect!

Had a senior woman who was terrified of water ,climb in with the use of a life jacket, arm balloons and foam rolls under her arms to comfort and support her as she did her knee replacement rehab.  We had a professional hockey player do his back therapy in our pool to get him back on the ice faster that expected.

We have also used it extensively for “pre-hab”.  Local physiotherapists have told us that any patients that had used the SwimEx “pre-rehab” or before their surgery, ALWAYS recovered faster than those without the Swim-Ex “pre-hab”.

As for maintenance….minimal.  We routinely change the oil and water, grease the eyelets around the motor and it performs perfectly.  Infrequently we have had to pump out any water that gets into the air hoses that sneaks into the buttons at the front of the pool with a regular bicycle tire pump that only takes about 15 minutes.

It has been the best investment for our office over our career.  We have become known throughout the entire area for this.  It is a wonderful adjunct to our chiropractic care we give our patients.  Switching from passive care to more active rehab all in the same office makes for a smooth and faster recovery for all who use this.

Highly recommended for any therapist.  It still looks brand new.  Thanks again for making such a wonderful product!

Dr. Kevin Hooper, BSc, DC, FRCCSS(C)

Sports Chiropractor

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