Athletic Training

Training swimmers

Coaches at every level of competition understand the virtues of SwimEx as a superior training machine. The pools provides a close-up view of a swimmer’s form from every conceivable angle, and even below the surface through underwater windows, underwater cameras, and monitors. Coaches can use the information to instruct, correct, and review their swimmers as they swim.

Here’s a free chart listing swim speeds in the SwimEx 600 T series pools (PNG, 2MB).


Water workouts are a superior form of exercise. There is minimal stress on joints and muscles and 15x more resistance than the same exercises on land. The is also minimal risk of joint injury.

Recovery after practice

SwimEx cold plunge pools are the perfect tool for post-practice recovery. During intense exercise, muscles experience microtraumas or tiny tears within individual muscle fibers. When microtraumas occur they trigger an increase in cell activity which generates muscle fiber repair. Over a period of time and with repetition, this process helps strengthen muscles. Find out more about the benefits of plunge pools.

Hydrotherapy for hip rehab

Hydrotherapy for Hip Rehab

When recovering from hip arthroscopy, hydrotherapy complements land-based rehab. Patients should wait for the incision to heal before entering the water. This lowers the risk

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