4 Pool Features to Get the Most Out of Aquatic Training

In this article, Coach Tyler Santangelo shares his favorite SwimEx pool features. These help him get the most from his aquatic training.

I’m Coach Tyler Santangelo. I coach our national team at South Jersey Aquatic Club, and I also run our swim science and aquatic therapy programming at NL Aquatic Center in Voorhees, NJ.

When we were looking into purchasing a pool, the decision was simple. The SwimEx 600T model has everything an aquatic center like ours could need. It’s extremely versatile and multifunctional – whether you’re home in your backyard, at an aquatic center, or a university; whether you’re an elite swimmer or professional athlete or simply trying to stay in shape, SwimEx has the pool for you.

The SwimEx 600T can do it all. Not only can you use it for underwater video analysis for elite swimmers but also for aquatic training, aquatic therapy, lap swimming, learn to swim, triathlon and sports specific training, and much more!

Let’s take a deeper dive into our SwimEx and some of my favorite features!

EDGE touch screen controller

SwimEx is always coming up with new and innovative features to add to their pools, so when they came out with the EDGE touch screen controller, we just had to have it. What a game-changer! You can adjust the swim current or choose a preprogrammed workout with ease by clicking the touchscreen. The preprogrammed workouts are designed for beginners to elite swimmers, for short distance to longer swims. Once you select your workout, the SwimEx automatically guides you through the workout – seamlessly adjusting the 99 adjustable water current speeds while you are swimming!

Pneumatic control buttons inside the SwimEx

If you’re doing aquatic training – swimming, running, or exercising in the pool and want to adjust the current? SwimEx makes it simple with their in-pool pneumatic control buttons. You can start, stop, turn up, or turn down the current without missing a stroke! These easy one-tap buttons make it simple to customize your workout.

Preprogrammed pacing chart

As a National Level Coach, this is one of my favorite tools simply due to convenience! All I have to do is look at the SwimEx Pace chart – which is in yards and meters – then enter the current speed that directly correlates to in pool pacing. This chart takes the guessing game out of your aquatic training!

Eight colored performance zones

What I love about the different performance zones in our SwimEx is that they are strategically designed to be multifunctional. Whether you’re training NFL pros, physical therapy patients, training for a triathlon, or just trying to stay fit in your backyard, the possibilities are endless with the different types of exercises you can do with multiple heights and angles! Looking to take your workout to the next level? Turn up that current! 

aquatic training performance zones 600 T

Whether you’re looking to stay in shape or a professional athlete, SwimEx outperforms the competition. See you at the pool!

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