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Whether you’re updating an existing athletic training room or building a brand new facility, take the time to plan out the most efficient use of your space.  A hydrotherapy room inspires athletic trainers and athletes alike. Here’s a list of 5 simple but effective athletic training room design ideas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Athletic training Room Design:


If possible, create spaces that can be seen from every area, including the sports medicine professional offices. It’s makes it easier to keep track of timing, who’s using the space, and how sessions are progressing.

Glass walls are a perfect way to keep the facility open yet still create distinct areas. The Green Bay Packers facility is an ideal example of this. Large glass panels separate the hydrotherapy room, rehab area and training room but they are all visible from anywhere.

athletic training room design

Here’s the New York Yankees hydrotherapy room. They can see the area from both their offices and their treatment area.
New York Yankees


Specific rehab areas should be designed with the end users in mind. It can be frustrating for athletes and athletic trainers if the training room is tucked away or hidden down a hallway.

If an athlete suffers an injury, wants to train and condition or recover right after a workout, it helps to have the training room, hydrotherapy equipment, weight room, etc. close to the practice areas. The UCONN Huskies (below picture) have their hydrotherapy room next to the training room and the Providence College Friars ice hockey team put their hot and cold plunge pools next to their ice skating rink. The athletes and athletic trainers appreciate this easy-access design.

hydrotherapy room


This may seem like a minor detail, but plan for adequate storage space that is not only efficient but close enough to access quickly and easily.

Athletic trainers work with multiple athletes at one time, so anything that helps save time and streamline the work flow is a big bonus. An easy-access cabinet area will make a huge difference in day-to-day operations.  If your planning a new hydrotherapy room, add space for pool exercise equipment and accessories. And make sure there’s plenty of ventilation to prevent wet items from getting moldy.


Boston Red SoxAthletic training rooms are where athletes go to train, rehabilitate, condition, and get ready for game day. But there’s no reason it can’t look good too. Brand your athletic training room with team logos and colors.

An impressive, vibrant wall dedicated to the team brand makes a powerful statement for recruits, athletes, and athletic trainers. Some hydrotherapy pools have the option to incorporate team’s color and logos right into the pool.

Make this an opportunity to show off the athletic training room. Make it a selling point.

Whether you choose to go big or add small details, create a space where anyone using it will be proud being part of your team.

hydrotherapy room


Hot or cold plunge pools are a great way to add hydrotherapy into small spaces to get big results. They minimize pain, maximize workout recovery and get athletes back on the field fast.

There are many options and products on the market. Some come fully assembled, some come in sections for access into small spaces, and some can be custom ordered. Find the one that fits your specific requirements in terms of the number of athletes, water depth, and interior layout.  This will let you tailor your plunge pool to the design and needs of your training room.

If you have the space, get the most out of your room by combining a hydrotherapy pool with hot and cold plunge pools like the Chicago Cubs did at their facility.

chicago cubs


Good athletic training room design makes the experience of training, conditioning, and rehabilitation positive and enjoyable for athletes and sports medicine professionals. Consider installing your hydrotherapy pool partially above ground. This makes for the ideal height to work with your athletes and also makes it more comfortable for the trainer to talk with and demonstrate exercises and protocols.

hydrotherapy pool

If your facility does not already use hydrotherapy, now may be a good time to learn about the benefits and plan for your own hydrotherapy room. Incorporate one or all of these 5 design ideas or download our free guide to create your own incredible space.

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