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Warm water pools with an adjustable current are ideal for animal therapy, as underwater treadmills for dogs, and training.  Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water to increase endurance, improve range of motion, and speed recovery. The non-weight bearing environment minimizes joint pain and stress. The SwimEx current is gentle enough for post surgery rehab yet strong enough for exercise and training.

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  • "We love the SwimEx pool at our Canine Rehabilitation Facility. The current definitely allows us to challenge our agility patients and help strengthen our cases recovering from surgery. The controls inside the pool easily allow us to make adjustments to the workout during a session. We have found that keeping it clean is very low maintenance as well. This is especially important after swimming a few Newfoundlands. I would highly recommend the SwimEx pool to any Rehabilitation Facility.”
    Renee Mills Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Director of Rehabilitation Services at VCA/Veterinary Referral Associates
  • “Jet-resistance pools apply resistance, necessary for strengthening, only in small focused areas, easily evaded by an ingenious pup. Alternatively, the SwimEx current applies a uniform resistance to the entire leading edge of the body. We can alter the current intensity to your pet’s ability and measure the current with the unique, state-of-the-art Swimometer, guaranteeing progression of sessions and eventual results.”
    Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital
  • Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation Facility has a SwimEx model 480. The pool has a ramp that allows for easy entry and exit. The resistance created by SwimEx water current provides great rehabilitation. Animals return to full function sooner.

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