Underwater Pool Treadmills

swim spa currentUnderwater treadmills capitalize on the power of water to create an extremely efficient and effective way to train, condition, and recover from injury. From the sports medicine professionals working with top athletes to physical therapists working with elderly patients, combining a treadmill with water is an incredibly versatile tool  improve range of motion, they are incredibly versatile machine.

The beauty of running in the water is that you activate the same muscles you use when you run on land, but the buoyancy of water eliminates gravity-induced pounding on joints. You get the same cardio training, fat-burning benefits, and an equally intense core and leg workout.  Plus, the faster you run or walk, the water’s resistance is exponentially increased. In other words, the harder you work, the harder your workout will be, and the better the benefits.

Installing and using a drop-in treadmill or integrated treadmill with your SwimEx pool is easy. Workout or complete your rehab exercises with less pain and minimal joint stress.

Belted Integrated Treadmill

An integrated treadmill is available in SwimEx pool models, including the Triton, 500T, 600T, 800T, and 1000T.

Belted treadmill (similar to most land based treadmills)underwater treadmill

Belt drive system powers the front roller

V track on the underside of the belt helps with tracking|

Fiberglass and composite frame construction

Variable speed settings up to 0-8.5 MPH

Technical Specifications:

Treadmill Beunderwater treadmilld Length: 48”

Treadmill Bed Width: 24.5”

Belt running Surface Length: 46.5”

Belt Running Surface width: 18”

Approximate Weight of Bed: 125 lbs.

Frame Construction

Sides: 10” Fiberglass C channels
Cross Beams: 4” Fiberglass C Channel

Aquatic Drop-In Treadmill

A drop-in pool treadmill is a simple way to incorporate water running into your swim spa for rehabilitation or conditioning.Aquatic Treadmill

The compact SPT Underwater Treadmill adds a new dimension of fun and fitness to any home exercise or water therapy program. Walk or run in a weight-free environment against the natural smooth resistance created by this treadmill model. This lightweight treadmill can be added to any size SwimEx or other pool. It has no motor and is self-propelled with progressive resistance.

Learn more about adding the SPT Underwater Treadmill to your pool.

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Download a PDF with specific technical and electrical specs for integrated models.