For Professionals

Our professional resources for aquatic therapists help professionals working across a range of settings. These include hospitals, sports teams, athletic training facilities, health clubs, veterinary clinics, senior living communities, military facilities and veterans’ homes.

Key hydrotherapy factors for aquatic therapists

1. The properties of water: buoyancy, viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure are key factors in hydrotherapy success. The weightlessness of water creates an ideal environment to stay conditioned, recover from injury or surgery, or relieve the symptoms of various health conditions. Standing in chest-high water reduces body weight by more than 80%, and therefore stress on joints and the entire body is immediately reduced. All the health benefits of exercise are gained with less discomfort. What’s more, exercising in water means there’s no fear of falling and getting re-injured. And athletes can continue to work out at an intense level without risking further damage or injury.

2. The SwimEx paddlewheel current is the strongest and most advanced swim-in-place current on the market, and our pools have adjustable speeds to challenge all ability levels. Competitive athletes, recreational swimmers, and triathletes around the world use SwimEx for a superior swimming experience.

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