One Home Exercise Pool Owner’s Story

This home exercise pool owner shared her story, detailing how she made the decision to buy a SwimEx pool, and how she uses it for training.

Why did you purchase a swim spa?

After nearly a quarter century of swimming, I knew this investment would be worth it.  I’m very committed to the sport, but as my schedule became busier, I was looking for a way to conveniently and consistently work out without disrupting my work schedule. Before I purchased my SwimEx, it took nearly two hours for me to drive to the pool, swim, shower, then drive back to work. Because I run every morning, the only time I could fit in a swim was at lunchtime. I found I was getting too much skin damage swimming mid-day nearly every day in sunny Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona. And I was missing out on business lunch opportunities because I had to get my swim in.

600 S home exercise pool

What swim spa did you choose?

I chose a SwimEx 600 S. With the exception of my home, this pool is the biggest purchase of my life. After more than four months of use, I’m convinced it is one of my wisest. I’m a very service-oriented and convenience-oriented person. The quality of the customer service at SwimEx sealed the deal for me very early in the process. At every level and department within the company, I received same-day, thoughtful responses to my myriad of questions about SwimEx.  The sales team helped me decide what model, and what features. I am so happy with the choices that I made. And after I signed the contract, the sales and support staff stuck with me through the entire building and installation process and continue to check in with me regularly to ensure my satisfaction.

SwimEx is also known for being “low maintenance,” since there’s no liner to replace, and the paddlewheel technology is so well-established and functional. Trust me – it’s true! I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t even change my own bike tire, and changing the toner in my printer is a huge accomplishment. But I have absolutely no maintenance issues with this pool. I had a few questions in the first couple of weeks and always got an answer same-day. There was a learning curve with water testing, skimming, and vacuuming, but you’d expect that with any pool. It’s easy. In five minutes, I don my suit and goggles, do a quick inspection of all equipment, swing the panel doors open, hit Start, set my speed, and I’m swimming. Every few days, I take a water sample for testing. I am so grateful that I bought a SwimEx home exercise pool.

How often do you use your home exercise pool and what do you think so far?

My SwimEx 600S was delivered May 1, 2017. It was operational by May 2, and I’ve used it virtually every day since then.  Seriously, it’s early September, and I think I’ve missed maybe eight swim days in the past four months. On some of those days, I’ve deep-water aqua-jogged with a flotation belt. Aqua-jogging is a great way for me to add running mileage during our hot Arizona summers.

As an amateur athlete, I’ve found that this pool is the ideal training tool for running and swimming competitions. Over the past few years, I had developed a weak left arm when swimming. The consistency of the SwimEx water current is quite unforgiving when it comes to stroke inefficiencies. Beginning in late May, I began to address this with weekly private lessons. Coach Paula, my instructor, had never been in a resistance pool. She loves it! We are able to do lessons in the pool together and also with her observing from various points on deck.

My workouts have begun to parallel my old Masters training regimen. They include my favorite workout – the individual medley! Take a look at the video. We cut the freestyle a bit short because the water current is set at speed 57 out of 99 for the fly-back-breast sequence. Watch me fight for position in breaststroke. Check out the transitions. They are extra fun without walls!

This pool is such a blast. I am in it nearly every day for at least 40 minutes. I even aqua-jog for 15-20 minutes after my morning daily runs. As a result, I have been able to push myself harder while running because I use the SwimEx as my post-run recovery tool.

Installing a SwimEx has brought my whole family together. We’ve focused on a common goal, improved our property with the surrounding decking, pavers, sun shade, and ancillary structures, and of course created more time together now that I don’t have to spend two hours a day getting back and forth to my aquatic workouts.

~ Interview by Liz Lecomte

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