Paddlewheel Spa Graces New Tiled Swimming Pool Room

Colorado couple Lynn and Siobhan recently built a new swimming pool room in their Colorado home, complete with a SwimEx 500 OS. We spoke with Lynn, an orthopedic surgeon, about their beautiful new paddlewheel spa installation to learn how they are enjoying the pool.

Q:  How did you come about choosing your SwimEx?

A: We wanted a pool that moved the water across the pool. Siobhan did an extensive amount of research and came across SwimEx. The paddlewheel spa current sold us. We both like to exercise in the water, and the wall of water across the entire width of the pool is great.

Q: How is the family enjoying the new pool?

A: In addition to swimming, Siobhan uses water resistance weights. I use the pool for swimming distances. It’s great I can swim at home, and with SwimEx, I don’t have to worry about doing turns. I’ve done several ironman competitions, so I alternate my swimming with biking and running.

I also use the pre-programmed endurance workout on the EDGE touchscreen monitor. I like to push it a little bit more, so by the end of the workout, the current speed is up to 85-90. It’s pretty challenging.

Our daughter used a kickboard in the pool to build strength before a surfing trip to Costa Rica. She loved it. With the current on, even at a lower speed of 25 or 30, you have an entire column of water coming at you, so you really have to engage your core just to maintain balance. It’s harder than it looks! It’s a great workout.

The family also enjoys just relaxing in the pool. It’s fun when the kids are home. Everyone did a great job with the new room.

paddlewheel spa
500 OS paddlewheel spa

Q: Tell us more about the new room?

A: We splurged and got the tile from Italy. It’s a large-format tile, so the wall portion was delivered in just two pieces, and the floor tile is also large. It’s made for pool use, so even with the glass-like finish, it’s not slippery.

The coping around the pool is sparkly off-white quartz and pops against the blue.

We keep the pool cover on, so humidity isn’t an issue. We live in an alpine desert region, so if we needed to, we could open the windows, and the humidity would leave the room.

Q: What is your maintenance routine for the paddlewheel spa pool?

A: I’m surprised by how easy it is to maintain the pool. We test the water twice a week. It’s super-easy to do. We use bromine and have a floating dispenser that adjusts as needed. And so far, so good with changing out the filters – it’s all been very easy.

Q: As an orthopedic surgeon, how do you feel about water exercise?

A: We love people to include pool exercises in their post-operative rehab. We prescribe it all the time for anyone with musculoskeletal injuries such as ACL reconstruction and rotator cuff repairs. There is nothing I do in orthopedics that would not benefit from water exercise!

~ Interview by Kristine Chochrek

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