Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief in a Custom SwimEx Plunge Pool

SwimEx customer Lyn was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) at the young age of 14. Determined to stay active, visits to public pools, like the Y, were part of her routine. These aquatic workouts offered relief and freedom, helping her manage RA symptoms and allowing her to move with ease. But as her condition progressed, navigating public pools became increasingly challenging. Inconsistent water temperatures, accessibility hurdles, steep fees, and crowds transformed what were once delightful outings into challenging experiences.

A Dream Realized

Lyn had always dreamed of having a pool at home. So when the opportunity arose, Lyn and her husband decided to build a home addition, envisioning not just wider doorways and accessible spaces but also the dream of a home pool.

After extensive research, SwimEx emerged as the answer to their needs, offering a customizable solution tailored to Lyn’s specific requirements. Unlike other options considered, including Endless Pools, SwimEx provided the flexibility to design the perfect pool size and depth, crucial for Lyn’s comfort and therapeutic needs.

home custom plunge pool with stairs
Home custom plunge pool

The Benefits of a Pool for Rheumatoid Arthritis

The custom plunge pool offered several advantages that perfectly suited Lyn’s needs:

  • Accessibility: The pool’s custom design included steps for easy entry and a comfortable depth.
  • Warm, Consistent Water: Unlike public pools, Lyn controls the SwimEx pool’s temperature, ensuring a comfortable and therapeutic environment.
  • Low-Impact Exercise: The water’s buoyancy allows Lyn to exercise without putting stress on her joints, a crucial factor in managing RA.
  • Pain Relief: The pool has helped reduce pain and discomfort, a constant struggle with RA.

The Impact on Lyn’s Life

Lyn felt the benefits of her pool right away. Frequent swims became a ritual, offering not just physical exercise, but also relief from RA symptoms. Lyn noticed a reduction in pain and discomfort, particularly in her right wrist. “I still take short walks every day, but since getting in the pool my lower body is in better shape,” said Lyn. Her doctor recommended range of motion exercises, so Lynn does pool exercises that include her shoulders and arms. “The fact that I can move with the range of motion that I have, I could never do that on land. I keep the water at 84 degrees, it feels great.”

Beyond the Physical

Lyn’s SwimEx pool offers more than physical benefits. It’s a place of relaxation and enjoyment. They even designed the pool room as a multi-functional space, perfect for socializing with friends and family.

A Look Ahead

Lyn and her husband had the foresight to ensure that their home addition catered to their evolving needs. From wider doorways to a specially designed bathroom adjoining the pool room, every detail was planned. There is a brace on the floor if Lyn ever needs a sling to get into the pool. Their new addition gives them space for improved health and continued independence.

If you’re looking for a pool that can improve your life or the life of a loved one, contact SwimEx today. We can help you design a custom pool that meets your unique needs and allows you to experience the freedom and joy of movement in the water.

~ Authored by Kristine Chochrek

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