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You dream about a backyard pool for entertaining, exercise, swimming and family fun. But your backyard is small, and you wonder if it’s even possible. Absolutely! Small backyard pools are increasing in popularity right along with small homes. They are beautiful, efficient, and the best part – you get the versatility and function of a full-sized pool in a much smaller footprint. In fact, if you plan it right, you’ll have enough room for a complete outdoor entertaining space. Bring on the fire pit, lounge chairs, dining table and grill.

How much can I expect to pay for a small pool?

As with all home purchases, do your research before you buy. First, determine your budget. Small backyard pools vary greatly in price.  For instance, the cost of home plunge pools start at around $14,000 while swim spas can run anywhere from $35,000 to over $100,000.

What type of small pool is the best?

The construction method used to build small backyard pools will dictate the design and cost over the lifetime of the pool. Concrete pools can be built into custom shapes, but they may not hold up as well as other material in extreme weather. Fiberglass pools, while in some cases are limited in shape, are extremely durable in any weather and require the least amount of maintenance. Vinyl liner pools come in different shapes but understand that the liner needs replacing every 8-11 years. Overtime, this will add to the price of the pool.

What kind of versatility can I expect?

This depends on the pool you buy. If it’s a plunge pool, you can exercise and relax. But, if you buy a pool with a water current, the sky is the limit for functionality. The best current on the market is the SwimEx paddlewheel water flow. With 99 speeds, it accommodates any ability level – from a competitive athlete to a beginning swimmer. It is wide and deep enough to run against and achieve a full body workout.

10 small backyard pools that are big on style and small on space

Take in the view after your workout and swim. This pool has it all – an adjustable current, durable fiberglass shell, and it’s small yet versatile enough to fit anywhere. Notice the retractable cover tucked into the front end of the pool. This is a beautiful and easy way to keep it clean and maintain temperatures.

small backyard pools

This above ground pool was finished off with a sleek deck surround. The retractable cover is hidden under the decking. Turn on the current to swim or exercise. Turn it off to relax and enjoy. This pool is a Triton by SwimEx. It has a flat floor and comes with two jetted seats along the back wall.

fitness pool

Take the outside in. A solarium is the perfect spot to install a small backyard pool. Surrounded by plants – inside and out – these homeowners enjoy the beauty of nature alongside their functional yet perfectly sized small pool.

small pool

Soak up the heat, then jump into this cool small pool. The reflective windows add a striking backdrop alongside the pool.

This serene retreat-like setting is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Simple, yet elegant.

small pool

You’ve got a boat, a view, so why not add a pool? Take a morning swim in this small pool before heading out for a day of fishing or water skiing.

small backyard pools

This pool has an adjustable current that accommodates any ability level. As a result, it will challenge the most competitive swimmer. Or, turn off the current and relax.

home swim spa

Kick back and enjoy the view. This is a beautiful example of how a small above ground pool can perfectly complement your home design.

swim spa pool

Small backyard pools cost less to maintain but you get as much out of them as you would if you owned a full-sized pool. This pool takes up considerably less room, uses less chemicals and has just as much versatility.

small backyard pools

This SwimEx 600 S pool is ideal for exercise and swimming.

small backyard pools

If you want a pool but don’t think you have the space, look no further than small backyard pools. They will complement your home and your lifestyle. Are you ready to dive in? This free guide has even more tips and advice to get you started.

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