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Owning an indoor swimming pool provides many benefits, especially the opportunity of swimming year-round. Your very own private temperature-controlled indoor pool means you can enjoy swimming and exercising any time of day and any time of the year, no matter what the weather is outside.

But the practical benefits of an indoor swimming pool don’t necessarily mean sacrificing beautiful design. These four stunning indoor swimming pool designs are certain to inspire you to start planning for a pool that’s perfect for your home.

1. An Indoor Pool House in a Wooded Backyard

One Seattle customer opted to build a separate indoor pool house in their lovely wooded backyard, complete with glass walls and high ceilings for an open and airy feeling. The beautiful wood and never-ending glass walls create stunning outside views while protecting swimmers from the elements.

pool installation

2. A Screened-In Porch for a Small Indoor Pool

If finding space for your indoor swimming pool is your biggest challenge, take some advice from Ohio customers Gayle and Rich, who converted their screened-in porch to a beautiful space that blurs the boundaries between indoors and out. During the summer, they enjoy their 500 S pool with the doors open, but they love the benefit of closing them when the weather is cool. They are using propane to heat the pool with very low heating expenses.

3. A Beautiful and Functional Swimming Pool Inside

If space allows, our largest residential pool model, the 1000 S multi-user swim spa, is a great option for competitive swimming, full-body workouts, family fun, and entertaining. The pool features our exclusive paddlewheel water current on one side and still water on the other side. The adjustable current accommodates any ability level. This beautiful installation includes white marble walls, white marble floors, and a white pool, all of which complement the home design for a serene and tranquil environment.

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4. A Custom Deck Surrounds an Affordable Pool

Ohio customer Joanne chose a Triton pool for her indoor pool room, enhancing its beauty with a custom deck. Built with solid SwimEx fiberglass construction, Triton is an affordable option that has ample room for exercise, swimming, and relaxation. Custom options include pool and coping colors, custom waterline tiles, and underwater lights.


Indoor swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular thanks to so many design options and year-round convenience. Our SwimEx engineers and technical advisors are available to assist with any design tools needed to help you create the perfect space for your home. Or download our Free Swim Spa Guide for more inspiration!