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Do you want a home water feature but have limited space and limited time to maintain a full-sized pool? If so, look no further than a small pool and spa installation. With home costs soaring and square footage at a premium, many smart homeowners are turning to small pools as the ideal alternative. Exercise, relax, and entertain without sacrificing style, space and functionality.

The following small pool and spa installations will both inspire you and demonstrate the advantages and benefits of going small.

1. Simply Elegant

Pool and Spa

These New England homeowners built a pool room onto the back of their house. Taking advantage of this particular swim spa’s small size, the addition needed only 12′ x 20′ of space to accommodate the pool. The gray fiberglass is a perfect complement to the gray slate floor. The installation’s simplicity offers a serene space where the owners can enjoy the beautiful rolling pastures in their backyard. Now they swim, workout, relax, and enjoy their pool all year long.

2. Window to the World

pool and spa

If you can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor pool, consider an installation that offers the best of both worlds. This wall of windows opens entirely, bringing the outside in as weather permits. The pool is one of the largest swim spa pools on the market, but it is still smaller than a full-sized pool. At 10′ x 14′, the SwimEx 1000 T offers a ton of functionality. It has multiple depths, an adjustable water current on one side, and a large still water area on the other side.

3. Nighttime Magic

pool and spa

This small pool tucked neatly beside an outdoor fire pit area helps create the ultimate backyard entertainment space. The pool’s semi-inground installation gives bathers the option to sit comfortably around the pool. It’s adjustable water current accommodates swimmers of any ability level – from competition pace to beginners.  And what better way to brighten up the night than this pool’s cool blue lights.

4. Porch Perfection

The beauty of this installation is the pool’s ability to be installed above ground. All that was needed to get the pool up and running was a flat level slab and equipment hook up. After that, the homeowners built a deck around the pool and used lattice to cover it. This small pool is both functional and cost effective. A small body of water means fewer chemicals. Plus the retractable cover helps retain heat, making the pool even less expensive to run.

5. Desert Heat

Can you think of a better way to capture the stunning beauty of the southwest?  This installation incorporates remarkable stone craftsmanship with reflective windows for a seamless transition between the pool and its surroundings.

6. Colorful Contrast

pool and spa

Fiberglass pools can be ordered in many different colors. This beautiful installation demonstrates how one homeowner successfully used a bold blue pool as an impact statement. Set against light stone walls and floor, the pool becomes the star in this exceptionally noteworthy room.

7. Plunge Pool Retreat

above ground swim spa

Did you know that working out in water is better for your joints and muscles. The properties of water – buoyancy, viscosity, and hydrostatic pressure – create a supportive and safe environment where you can exercise with less pain and faster results. This deep blue home plunge pool is 16′ long, has wide steps on one end, and 3.5′ and 6′ water depths.

8. Year-round Bliss

swimex v. endless

No matter the weather, small pools can be used year-round. Building a small pool shelter is much easier than enclosing a full-sized swimming pool. Use a greenhouse, build a sun room or make it as simple as a post-and-beam frame.

When it’s all said and done, there are many terms used to describe a small pool and spa – spools, cocktail pools, swim spas, fitness pools, and more. No matter what you call them, the right small pool will offer maximum function but require very little space. Download this free guide with buying tips and advice on how to choose the best small pool for your home and lifestyle.

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