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Do you want the ultimate home oasis and you’re the person that wants nothing but the best? If so, get inspired by these stunning pool installations with top-of-the-line luxury pools.

1. Simplicity Meets Function

White marble walls, white marble floors, and a white pool are the basis of design for this peaceful pool oasis. But while this pool room may look serene, don’t be fooled. It is both beautiful and functional. The SwimEx 1000 S is a luxury pool that has enough versatility for competitive swimming, full body work-outs, relaxation, and entertainment.

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The pool features a resistance current on one side and still water on the other side. The adjustable current accommodates any ability level. It is even wide enough for side-by-side swimming. Did you notice the hidden retractable cover?  It adds to the uncluttered effect of the room but serves up big function too.  A pool cover protects the pool, cuts down on humidity, and maintains temperatures when the pool is not in use. Check out these pictures of the pool in action.

luxury pools

2. Glass Wall Wonder

What’s better than a wall of windows to capture the beauty of every season? These homeowners open the windows wide when the weather is nice or close them up tight when it’s cold. In other words, they enjoy their pool year-round regardless of the weather. This pool is also a SwimEx 1000 S. It has a custom interior with multiple depths and plenty of room to swim, exercise, and entertain.

small inground pools

SwimEx luxury pool shells are solid, indestructible, and withstand any weather conditions. They are built with the same fiberglass construction process used to build high performance luxury yachts.  The shells have a balsa wood core sandwiched between layers of resin. As a result, the wood core is ideal for maintaining pool temperatures. The inside of the pool is finished with an easy-to-clean Gelcoat interior.

3. Back Yard Bliss

Discerning homeowners demand perfection. What’s more perfect than an outdoor entertainment space with a fire pit and plenty of cozy seating? This SwimEx swim spa pool takes up a footprint small enough for the homeowners to incorporate both a fire pit and a large sectional sofa.  But even though the pool is small, you can still run, swim, exercise and relax. The paddlewheel water current in SwimEx luxury pools is the most effective water current system on the market.

luxury pools

SwimEx luxury pools feature an industry exclusive paddlewheel water current system. It has 99 adjustable speeds and is the widest, deepest water current there is. Positioned behind a grate at the back of the pool, water is drawn into the paddlewheel then pushed to the front under the pool floor where it comes out a front grille.  As a result, the pool-wide current makes it possible to swim and exercise anywhere in the pool. Even better, you can effectively achieve upper and lower body exercises.

4. Beach Lovers Delight

You’ve got the sand, the surf, an amazing deck, and glorious views.  All you’re missing is the pool. Don’t sacrifice space by installing a full-sized swimming pool. This particular pool is an in-ground installation. But because SwimEx shells are self-supporting, there is plenty of installation versatility. Install them above ground, in-ground, semi-inground, inside or outside. Or have the pool delivered in sections and assembled on site if you have a space with tight access.

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5. Fitness Flair

These homeowners wanted a home gym as beautiful as their overall home design. The result is a room with a view into the pool room that is as inviting as the pool itself.  Inside the room the small size of a SwimEx pool gives them enough space to incorporate land-based exercise machines and still have a pool for aquatic exercises. The pool’s blue fiberglass creates a pop of color against neutral walls and the stone deck surround.

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6. Mountain Magic

Natural wood, floor-to-ceiling tree trunks, stone flooring, and a state-of-the-art luxury pool create a stunning mountain lodge home retreat. Another SwimEx 1000 S makes this space the perfect place to entertain, swim, and relax after a long day. As an added bonus, the pool has an integrated treadmill. These homeowners can run against the SwimEx current without the treadmill. They can run on the treadmill. Better yet, they can ramp up their workout by running on the treadmill against the powerful SwimEx current.

below ground swim spa

SwimEx luxury pools transform any space into an elegant oasis. Since 1986, the company has been building superior luxury pools. Let our experienced staff help you make your dreams come true. We will work with you to make sure everything goes as planned – from the first phone call to servicing the pool once it’s installed.

Want to see more? This video demonstrates the smooth power of the exclusive SwimEx current.


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