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Swim spas are perfect for swimming, exercise, and family fun.  And, there’s no time like the present to workout at home as you enjoy the many benefits of a fitness pool.  These beautiful installation photos are sure to inspire so you can begin planning your very own swim spa oasis today.

1. Incredible Outdoor Living

What could be better than enjoying a beautiful night in this stunning outdoor living space?  It features a stone fireplace, kitchen, several cozy seating areas, and a swim spa with adjacent fire pit.  You’ll never leave home with a backyard like this.

The particular swim spa is a SwimEx pool, model 500 OS.  It is a fiberglass pool that can be installed outside or inside. The solid shell, built like a high performance yacht, is impervious to sun, easy to clean, and has an insulated wood core for superior temperature retention.

outdoor swim spa

2. Home Gym Heaven

This home gym has everything you’d ever need for a complete workout. And when you’re finished exercising, hit the court for a game of hoops.  This SwimEx 1000 S pool is installed above ground. The owners added metal skirting and a deck around the pool to house their exercise equipment. The beauty of SwimEx pool construction is that these swim spas are self-supporting.  All you need is a level slab and you’re good to go.

swim spa

Notice the different workout zones in this particular pool. There’s a deep well for non-weight bearing exercises,  a 99-speed water current on one side of the pool and an integrated treadmill. These smart owners know the benefits of running in the water.  Now they are able to run both in and out of the water for ultimate cardio workouts.

underwater treadmill

3. Open Door Delight

Trying to decide if you want an inside or outside installation? These homeowners wanted both, and got it. This gorgeous installation has retractable doors that bring the outside in on warm days.  When the weather turns cold, they close the wall and enjoy the outside from within this stunning room. swim spas

4. Natural Stone Sensation

Stone and water are combined here to create this outstanding home spa oasis. The beauty of the natural stone flawlessly complements the simplicity of the swim spa. With a water current that can be programmed from 0-99 speeds, any ability level can enjoy the benefits of the water current. This room is the perfect get-away for these lucky homeowners to relax, exercise and swim without ever leaving home. swim spa

5. Midnight Special

Day or night, these homeowners enjoy their outside swim spa whenever they want.  The pre-installed lights create the perfect ambiance for a night swim or time to relax after a long day at work.  Installed partially above ground, the height of the deck makes for easy in-and-out access.

swim spa

6. Blue Lagoon

The #1 feature in this stunning pool room is the inviting blue water of the swim spa. White tiles, white walls, and a white swim spa pool make it impossible to resist taking a daily swim in this inviting space. The pool is housed in a cabana behind the owner’s main home. It includes a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and shower area.  In addition, there’s a full-sized swimming pool just outside the french doors.

swim spa design

7. Gardener’s Delight

Trying to find the ideal structure for your own fitness pool?  These homeowners used a sunroom to house their swim spa. Now they can see their lovely gardens and capture the warmth of the sun while they swim and exercise.

swim spa

8. Sunset Swim

Swimming against the backdrop of a dazzling sunset is a regular occurrence for this swim spa owner. Night after night and season after season, each breathtaking view is better than the one before. And this homeowner is lucky enough to enjoy them all from his own home swim spa. Once installed, notice how he added a pergola over the pool to complete this stunning installation.

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